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5/7/19: Kre-Anabolyn 747 Update

5/7/19 Update:

As we've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kre-Anabolyn 747, we received word from the Lab Manager yesterday that he unfortunately had to reject the Red Velvet Bean Extract that had been supplied for this production run.

The herb broker had mistakenly sent the wrong version – a weaker one that does not meet our ultra-high concentration standards – it was rejected, and we have now paid express air international to have the correct, premium select version flown in from overseas immediately.

We always have third party independent testing performed to verify all incoming herbs and amino's, so that will take a week once it arrives. But, assuming it meets the select premium grade we demand, the lab can then finally hit the ON switch and begin production!

While we are obviously frustrated with this delay, we are at the same time very happy to know that our demanding quality control directives are being enforced with an unyielding, iron first.

We can't wait, and we thank you very much for your patronage, and patience!    




4/19/19: An exciting Lab Update on New Kre-Anabolyn 747

Production is expected to be completed on or around 4/29/19 on the first batch of KA-747. This Limited Initial Supply is set to fulfill the hundreds of first dibs Reserve Purchases upon arrival to our Distribution Center a few days later.

For those of you who reserved your bottles extra early and got the recent free big bonus in the mail from us, we and the lab thank you for your understanding in knowing that doing things right takes time.

No shortcuts. No substitutes.

If you haven't secured your bottles of the Most Potent run of Kre-Anabolyn to date yet, what are you waiting for?





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