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Work, Hectic Life got you STRESSED? Try This.

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Recent research has zeroed in on the real cause (and cure) for something all too familiar for people living today’s hectic lifestyle – STRESS.

In a multi-tasking, instant-everything world, we’re bombarded with constant stresses that lead to a cascade of problems...


1.) Inability to sleep

2.) Fatigue

3.) Depressed immune system

4.) Slowed metabolism

5.) Adrenal burnout

6.) Increased body fat, less muscle and...

7.) More depression, anxiety, muscle wasting cortisol



Fortunately, a comprehensive product has been developed to address all of these problems, and more – TranQuilogen.

The advanced, Professional Strength TranQuilogen formula is chock full of powerful adaptogens, which are mother nature’s natural stress busters.

Two in particular are very potent: Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola.

Ashwagandha helps your body adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism and hormonal systems. TranQuilogen gives you the highest concentration of Ashwagandha actives that positively modulate hormones, including thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Ashwagandha has been found to work against anxiety in a similar manner to GABA, as found in Gamma GH.

Rhodiola has been shown to be particularly beneficial for your nervous system. It has antidepressant and anti-anxiety benefits, and has been shown to reduce symptoms of burnout associated with work stress.

And that’s not all. The crown jewel of TranQuilogen adaptogens is CurcuClear Curcumin, an extremely beneficial concentrate for performance enhancement and health.

The TranQuilogen herbal trifecta addresses the root causes of fatigue, stress, anxiety, weight gain, burnout... all these problems, and nourishes your adrenal glands and body systems to bring you into balance.

Don’t go another day without the Positive Benefits of TranQuilogen!


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