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'10:1 Active Extract'

The ONE that Works Like No Other

Real Yohimbe Extract is a highly sought after compound. The Physicians Desk Reference states; "it has activity as an aphrodisiac" (libido boosting). It's also noted for increasing stamina and as a potent fat-burning agent, especially in otherwise resistant areas like the belly, hips, and thighs.

This is the genuine active organic alkaloid of pausinystalia yohimbe bark. Prescribed by medical professionals for decades to treat impotence, it's action as an alpha 2 adrenergic agonist significantly increases blood flow.

CLINICALLY PROVEN to increase fat mobilization (especially stubborn "brown fat") via increased noradrenaline (norepinephrine), Yohimbe Supreme is the ideal supplement for a rapid weight loss program.

Triple Molecularly Distilled into a powerful 10:1 Active Sublingual Extract and recognized for the maximum in absorption, utilization and most importantly- RESULTS.

In a few words, The ONE that Works!

LIMITED SUPPLIES. Secure your bottles today.


An Ultra-Pure, Strong Extract.

Up to 120 sublingual doses per 30ml vial.

Non-GMO. Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly.

Alcohol & Gluten Free formula.


Tip: Men, add ADAPTOGEN N for wildly successful results. 

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"My search for real yohimbe OTC is finally over. Thank you so much for supplying this superior product."

-Steve Simpson, Baltimore, MD


"WOW! Yours is the first yohimbe I've actually felt something from. And boy do I feel it, a rush in 20 minutes!"

-Nick Tsironis, SC


Did you know?

We were the FIRST to offer real Sublingual Yohimbe Extract with guaranteed biological activity and peak absorption.

We know Yohimbe Extract.


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