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ALKAPLEX GREEN - +pH, +Nitrogen, 'The Green Steroid'


You are NOT what you eat, but what you digest and assimilate.

 Positive pH, Nitrogen boosting, ends acid reflux...

Leading biochemists have long recognized the delicate acid - alkaline pH balance within the body as being *critical* to good health. At the cellular level, it's an all-important factor in regards to proper cell function and optimum cell energy.

However, the average diet is so high in acid forming foods that the body too often fails to regulate a proper balance.

ALKAPLEX GREEN is an acclaimed drug free physician's formula that promotes healthy, perfect pH balance within your body - 100% naturally.

One sports fitness physician dubbed this superfood 'The Green Steroid' due to the naturally high Chlorophyll content which creates a positive charged nitrogen boost. Thousands of others swear by it for quick, drug free acid reflux relief and problems associated with hiatal hernia and heartburn.

Free of side-effects, ALKAPLEX boasts nine highly concentrated, deep-green organic superfood extracts such as Spirulina and Wheat Grass which yield over 2800 active enzymes, including SOD. Superoxide Dismutase is present in all body cells and has been shown to inhibit aging, eliminate toxic elements and prevent a long list of degenerative conditions. Along with an outstanding digestive enzyme base, ALKAPLEX also packs exceptionally high concentrations of all essential and non-essential amino acids, EFA's and a multitude of health promoting micro nutrients - all at full potency and nutritionally intact.

ALKAPLEX is one of the richest sources of organic calcium (10x that of milk!), magnesium, potassium and other commonly depleted trace minerals. Of note, recent trials show low calcium diets to promote fat storage, while high calcium diets lessen fat accumulation and promote fat burning.

For great results, take 1-2 capsules with meals. Bodybuilding and sports trainers report best results with 2-3 per meal, noting diminished post workout soreness, more muscle mass and improved endurance.


Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

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