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MASS PRO Synthagen X2 (Click for Availability News)


11/8/19 Update:

When will there be more MASS PRO Synthagen X2? 

Click here for the latest news and insights on when new supplies of the wildly popular Synthagen will arrive.

In the meantime, for regulars we strongly recommend Kre-Anabolyn with a legitimate protein powder like MASS PRO Whey.

The Alpha 77 stack is exceptional too (and really priced right, currently), if you have your protein needs covered.

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Due to Popular Demand MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN is Currently Sold Out.


X2 is the MOST POTENT lab run of MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN ever produced, and that's saying something!

Now with TWICE the authentic, full spectrum and most potent '10 levseins' RCE (Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract).

Trust the heralded, genuine Synthagen formula to deliver RESULTS like nothing else.


Each bottle contains 270 capsules.


30 cap "Prove It Pack" for the price of lunch!

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Simply A Must Try

I have been taking supplements for some time now and in the ongoing fight against DOMS I can finally level the playing field. This is like nothing I've taken before. Words can't really describe it, this is SIMPLY A MUST TRY.

-Ray Laurent, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review


WTF is in this bottle?

During my years, I have tried many different products - never done actual steroids though. Most of them seem to be just air. You can't really notice any difference. Now I got in to trying this and I have a hard time believing it's real, the difference in training and recovery is hugely different.

I started MPS while I was recovering from a monster leg workout. For 3 days I could barely walk. Yesterday I did the same workout and I'm not feeling it at all.

What's the trick? Can this be legal? Can it be real? Seems so, but still...

-DoneDiddy, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review


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