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When you train with it, You'll GAIN WITH IT.

X2. The Most Potent MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN™ ever produced, and that's saying something!

Now with TWICE the authentic '10 levseins' RCE (Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract) as before, and so very much more.


Each bottle contains 270 capsules.


Synthagen Reviews, Ingredients, Dosing

30 cap Prove It Pack for what lunch costs!


Gold in a Bottle

This product is truly exceptional, I have lowered my protein, changed the way I train (fasted) and recovery is lightening! I have only used this (3rd bottle now) during an aggressive cut. I have retained mass within a crazy calorie deficit and have actually increased my strength! If I only had enough for one product, I would scrape together enough to make sure this was it!

-Mike Stewart, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review


Simply A Must Try

I have been taking supplements for some time now, and in the ongoing fight against DOMS I can finally level the playing field. This is like nothing I've taken before. Words can't really describe it... SIMPLY A MUST TRY.

-Ray Laurent, Online Synthagen Review


Excellent Supplement!

After three months of taking it, I can say that the recovery is amazing. You gain strength, endurance, muscle and lose fat. Not cheap, but it's the best.

-Miguel, Verified 5 Star Synthagen Review


The Absolute Best

I’m past fifty and have used various supplements over the years. This one really is a game changer for me. I’m lifting heavier, feeling eager every gym day and no DOMS, do buy this stuff, I’m about to purchase my 4th bottle!

-Dan, Verified 5 Star Synthagen Review


WTF is in this bottle?

During my years, I have tried many different products - never done actual steroids though. Most of them seem to be just air. You can't really notice any difference. Now I got into trying this and I have a hard time believing it's real, the difference in training and recovery is hugely different.

I started MPS while I was recovering from a monster leg workout. For 3 days I could barely walk. Yesterday I did the same workout and I'm not feeling it at all. What's the trick? Can this be legal? Can it be real? Seems so, but still...

-DoneDiddy, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review



When you train with it, You'll GAIN WITH IT.

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