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New! MASTER BLEND - 5x Wild Mushrooms



5 Wild Mushroom Extracts in 1 Master Blend!

Equal parts Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Reishi and Chaga 

Wild Foods is obsessed with the everyday benefits of mushrooms! Aiding in stress reduction, focus, well-being, feeling energized and supporting productivity.


  • Reishi mushroom is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms known for its very strong adaptogenic properties.
  • Lion's Mane has long been prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine for stomach problems and to boost immunity. Some modern research suggests that this mushroom may have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Turkey tail mushroom is considered to be a powerful immunomodulator, which means it may assist the immune system, helping fight infections, illness and diseases. Turkey tail is noted for helping rebuild the nervous system.
  • Like reishi and lion's mane, Chaga is revered for its health benefits. With one of the highest ORAC values of any food (the measure of antioxidant content), chaga has powerful, proven benefits. 
  • Cordyceps is a favored far east adaptogen. Adaptogens are substances that restore body balance and decrease recovery time to physical and mental challenges. They can help you positively respond to depleted energy levels, hormonal imbalances, increased inflammation and similar stresses. In 1993, a group of Chinese runners broke nine world records in the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Germany. How did they pull this off? Their coach said they regularly drank a cordyceps tonic.


Powerful Nutrition. These raw superfood mushroom extracts help protect DNA while promoting well-being. Use to support your health, increase concentration, reduce anxiety and increase feelings of happiness.

Quality processing. Triple Water-Extracted, Non-GMO, NO FILLERS, Caffeine-Free, Paleo Friendly, Vegan, 100% Natural, Small-Batch. Wild Cordyceps Powder is a 10:1 extract processed from Cordyceps mushrooms cultivated Sinensis on Mycelium.

The best blend on the planet, MASTER BLEND.

Sip Wild Shrooms hot—like hot chocolate—or blend it with coffee and MASS PRO Protein shakes and smoothies.


114 Servings, 4 ounces of Extract. 

200mg of the 5 Extracts per 1 gram dose!

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