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We know you count on us for The Best Body Building Supplements on the planet, and we take that trust very seriously.

The PROTEIN POWER PACK gives you what it takes to build a fantastic physique fast, with both KRE-ANABOLYN & MASS PRO Whey.

Only KRE-ANABOLYN has the ActivECDY Complex – with a powerful 747mg packed into every capsule to guarantee your results.

Nothing else comes remotely close.

You can UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL with just 2 capsules a day of KRE-ANABOLYN 747.

Here's how-

For surefire gains in muscle mass and power, pop a single Kre-Anabolyn cap with your complete breakfast and a second with dinner. Take in extra protein between meals, and always post-workout.

That's it.

Yes, it's that simple with Kre-Anabolyn!

How much protein? Aim for 1 gram of quality proteins per pound of body weight daily.

Seeing as it's a lot easier (and less expensive) to drink high protein than it is to cook and eat high protein, concentrated MASS PRO Whey comes very highly recommended. It's the ultimate lean muscle building, health and fitness boosting protein that's instantly digested and assimilated. Also, all-important growth factors are retained due to its registered cold processing.

Make no mistake, there's only ONE genuine MASS PRO Whey Protein, and combined with Kre-Anabolyn, it builds muscle fast.

So, play it smart and and order your own PROTEIN POWER PACK with the most powerful 1-2 punch of KRE-ANABOLYN 747 plus MASS PRO Whey at Limited Time Savings of $25 Off the regular price.

SEE for yourself the BIG difference it makes!

Includes both Kre-Anabolyn 747 60 caps and MASS PRO Whey 2.12 lbs for $25 Off the regular price of each separately. Please indicate protein flavor preference in the Notes section. Pure Vanilla is default.


"I have been real happy with the products (Kre-Anabolyn and MASS PRO Whey combo). I have shot up from 180 to 200 pounds in less than 2 months." -Mark Lytle, GA



MASS PRO Whey Protein Benefits

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