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Coach Rob's SUPER STACK - Synthagen + Adaptogen

$ 122.90 142.90

'The Blueprint' for Big Muscle Building book by Coach Rob Regish has long garnered rave reviews, and rightly so. Here, stacked together at super savings is the top two powerhouse supplements he recommends to DOUBLE - if not triple - your gains.

You get the definitive product of it's kind, MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN. And, to push your organic anabolism to it's peak, a full size bottle of genuine ADAPTOGEN N.

Free U.S. Shipping, too - including to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


270 caps of Synthagen x2, plus 90 caps Adaptogen N at Very Special LIMITED TIME SAVINGS of $20 Off!

NOTE: Check out this Special Report from Coach Rob with key information on the best dosing schedule and protocol to use with your Super Stack to get the maximum results and most bang for your buck.


"Adaptogen N is terrific! Best feeling I've had in 36 years of training without sticking a needle in my butt! Really full, pumped. My muscles seem "fuller" if that makes sense. 3 caps before bed and the feeling I get after waking up is great!" -Harry Werbe, Carmel, IN


"Supplement that changed the world for me? Mass Pro Synthagen for sure. Recovery time slashed and all the ingredients are beneficial with nothing risky. Synergistic effects. It's the perfect standalone, while also functioning as the ultimate stacker. It's healthful, produces no metabolic waste and helps actualize other nutrients you are taking in. The best, very best!!!!" -Online Forum Review of Synthagen


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