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By Coach Rob Regish, from The Blueprint Bulletin


Every so often in sports nutrition, a product comes along that's so effective it becomes the benchmark for its category. Today, I'd like to talk to with you about two of them - Adaptogen N and Mass Pro Synthagen. Loyal users of both know just how effective they really are when used by themselves, but what's lesser known is the true synergy between them. Let's take a look at both, and I'll illustrate how they reinforce the best elements of each other.


Adaptogen N

This product now has a multi-decade track record as MASS' best seller - with good reason. The unique pairing of one of the industry's few, legit Bulgarian Tribulus extracts, coupled with the ONLY 25:1 Suma on the market is a potent combination. Adaptogen N is capable of not only boosting testosterone levels (in my case, 55% in 27 days), but also IGF-1 expression. Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjax) has built an impressive track record of its own in this area, including work done at MIT. The addition of just the right amount of DHEA as a substrate for testosterone conversion as well as Melatonin for a great night's sleep and other significant benefits only solidifies the formula, and the combined effect is dynamic. A simple 2-3 capsule "nightcap" optimizes both hormonal and non hormonal mechanisms key to enhancing both mood and muscle growth. You will absolutely notice the effects both in the gym, and in the bedroom.


Mass Pro Synthagen

Synthagen is the newer of the two, but no less impressive in its element. This is the Rolls Royce of Ecdy products, with results (like Adaptogen) frequently seen from the very first dose. Quite simply, use of this product dramatically accelerates exercise recovery. And I very deliberately use that word, dramatic. So much so, that it's often compared to powerful, illegal performance enhancing drugs. Those aren't my words, they're the words of people who have used the product. There's no mistaking this and it isn't subtle, you take it immediately before and after training, and you wake up the next day in some cases - feeling like you didn't even train. You can just imagine then, the impact of 4, 6, 8 or more productive workouts every month. The gains add up fast.



Using both products is in my opinion the absolute pinnacle insofar as safe, legal muscle growth and performance enhancement. While Adaptogen N sets the stage hormonally for muscle growth (DNA Transcription), Mass Pro Synthagen accelerates recovery and amino acid assembly in the ribosome (mRNA Translation). These aren't here today, gone tomorrow products to impress the kiddies. They're for intelligent, serious users who demand the most for their hard earned dollar. And they've been repeat buy items for decades... which really does speak volumes.

Training with and without these two products is like night and day - there's just no comparison. Take my word for it, this is the most powerful tag team in sports nutrition today.


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When used together, I favor the following dose/timing protocol to maximize the benefits of both.


For the first 21 days, take 3 capsules around 45 minutes prior to sleep. This is the maximum daily dose, and represents the quickest way to realize Adaptogen's many benefits. Importantly, the formula is designed to work with your body during sleep - which is when your body repairs and grows. Every ingredient is included for a reason, but I feel the Trib in particular gives people much of the visible, "feelable" results users have come to expect. 3 caps provide you a whopping 1.5 grams of it, which is the maximum studied effective dose. Importantly though, Adaptogen N's Trib is standardized for 45% Furostanolic saponins, which are the primary actives involved in stimulating libido and related, testosterone and IGF-1 production. Trib's saponins are also responsible for its ability to generate nitric oxide, increasing blood flow to the muscles, "below the belt" and the heart. In fact, much of the original research on Trib showed improved coronary function.

After your first 21 days of use, thereafter take 2-3 caps nightly Monday through Friday - with weekends off (or any 5 on/2 off weekly sequence). Like many nutraceuticals, your body will try to maintain homeostasis in response to using it every day, so a 5 on/2 off dosing schedule keeps the body responding.


Unlike Adaptogen, Synthagen is best used in and around your workout. This is a key window of opportunity, with some studies showing blood flow to the muscles increasing by as much as 400%. The latest research suggests that dosing 10 caps immediately prior to training (or during warmups) is ideal, although others report great results taking it during (between sets) or immediately after. A further 5 caps (total of 15) can be taken for extremely intense workouts, with those final 5 caps taken right after training. Individuals under 200lbs may wish to experiment with fewer total caps, which I wholeheartedly encourage. The goal in every case should be to find your lowest effective dose, which just makes the most financial/physical sense IMO.

On off days, take 3 caps with your 3 biggest meals of the day (total of 9 caps). This ensures every meal includes all of the necessary amino acids, nucleotides, ATP and other substrates to replenish cellular energy and maximize muscular regeneration. Interestingly, many athletes report big improvements in longstanding injuries.

After using Synthagen every day for a month, you may consider using it on training days only. As with Adaptogen N, it continues to work well (after initial saturation).


Both Adaptogen N and Synthagen are incredible tools for your physique and performance enhancement, and these dosing schedule protocols have stood the test of time. The above guidelines will maximize your results and help you get the most bang for the buck!


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MASS SupplementsRob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He has been a contributor to Super Human Radio for over a decade, answering listener questions from around the world. A former competitive powerlifter, Rob has successfully coached people ranging from ages 12 to 75. He is the author of The Blueprint Bulletin, a monthly newsletter giving no holds barred, real information on training, diet, supplements and anti-aging.



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