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'The Blueprint' for Muscle Building by Rob Regish has long garnered rave reviews, and rightly so. Here, all in one place is the precise powerhouse supplements he recommends in BP 4.0!

This kit includes a key Special Report from Coach Rob that gives you expert guidance on how to not only get absolute maximum results, but how to SUSTAIN them to attain all-new levels of success.

The BLUEPRINT SUPPLEMENTS KIT™ is PACKED with the course approved supplements to DOUBLE - if not triple - your gains. You get the definitive product of it's kind, Kre-Anabolyn. Plus, Omni-Potent MASS PRO Synthagen. And, to drive feast phase gains over the top, a full size bottle of genuine Adaptogen N.

BONUS: For a limited time, get a FREE bottle of Patent Technology 'BURN IT UP' to turbocharge the Blueprint.

Secure your BLUEPRINT SUPPLEMENTS today to reach, and sustain, an all-new level of success!

Specially priced, save $25, plus get Free U.S. Shipping - including to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.


Adaptogen N 90 caps, Burn It Up 60 caps, Kre-Anabolyn 60 caps, Synthagen 270 caps, Coach's Special Report


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