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ALERT: Secure Your BRONZE ORGANIC for Spring & Summer!

ALERT: Stock up NOW to avoid getting caught without BRONZE ORGANIC this spring and summer.


With BRONZE ORGANIC being so wildly popular and selling out way ahead of schedule last summer, some who didn't stock up in time felt compelled to try a substitute, only to be let down completely.

Take a look at the attached photo sent in to us.

It speaks a thousand words, doesn't it?

Guess what was discovered about these imposter tablets?

They predominantly contain cocoa powder.

Yes, that's right - COCOA!


No wonder they don't work anything like real Bronze Organic, the Gold Standard.

As we touched on, there was a long shortage of "Bronze O" last summer due to unprecedented worldwide demand.

We hope to avoid too long a gap this summer, but current inventory is selling out faster than expected so we're getting the word out early.

As you know, doing things right takes time. It takes 3 months to make Bronze Organic, and that's how long it will be before the next big batch arrives from the lab...

So, our advice is to not wait a minute to secure your supplies of BRONZE ORGANIC for this spring and summer. Otherwise, you may find yourself empty handed and on a waiting list right when you want and need it the most.

Long time regulars are locking in multiple bottles right now... If you haven't, play it smart and stock up today, while you can!



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