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Special Reports Success Stories Synthagen


By Coach Rob Regish


As longtime fans know, Synthagen is a great product. Nothing else comes close for FAST workout recovery. Your muscle rebuilds immediately to lock in gains!

Here's a typical Mass Pro Synthagen (MPS) Success Story-

"MPS is an exceptional product! I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and in my experience it far exceeds anything else on the market. I have seen:

1) Increased recovery / reduced muscle soreness - From the first MPS-fueled workout, I have noticed that my muscle soreness (DOMS) has been reduced drastically. If I feel sore after a workout, it is minimal and gone after the 2nd day. But, my muscles continue to feel full and tight.

2) I have set several new PR's since starting MPS. Bench Press, Squats, BB curls have all gone up at least 5% in the last 3 weeks. Again, the only thing that has changed in my diet / workout in the last 3 weeks is adding MPS.

3) Reduced body fat. I have been monitoring my body fat for about 3 months now and in the last 3 weeks my body fat has gone down 3%. My weight has stayed the same, but BF has gone down.

In my opinion, Mass Pro Synthagen is the real deal."


The Best Stacks for SYNTHAGEN™



There are select complementary products Synthagen stacks especially well with. Depending on your goal(s), here are three stacks that work exceptionally well for their stated purpose...

Let’s take a look, to see which is best for you.


STACK #1 - Synthagen & Adaptogen N

This is the slam dunk of legal, legitimate performance enhancement. Regardless of age, Synthagen and Adaptogen N go together like peanut butter and jelly. It's almost as if they were made for each other, and in some ways they were! You'll enjoy a fantastic libido, sense of well being and sleep better. You'll be able to train harder, longer and recover from it all in record time.

No stimulants. No drugs. No shutdown. No kidding. Quite frankly, this combination must be experienced to be believed.


STACK #2 - Synthagen & Burn It Up!

If you're looking to maximize energy, burn fat and get stronger - look no further! Burn It Up is a fantastic pre-workout, while Synthagen is utilized intra-training or immediately afterwards. The beauty of this combo is that while intensity, fat burning and strength are maximized you'll achieve it all without burning out!

Unlike most pre-workouts that only succeed in digging a deeper hole, advanced Burn It Up! is loaded with ingredients that "put back". Things like L-Taurine, Organic 10:1 Maca and real 6 year aged Red Korean Ginseng extract not only power you up, but also replenish and recharge you after demanding workouts.

You'll enjoy more intense training, more often (due to very rapid recovery), and much faster results. All without the crash, adrenal burnout and cortisol backlash people encounter with the other common pre-workouts / fat burners.

Absolute dynamite IMO!


STACK #3 - Synthagen & Gamma GH

This stack is the sleeper of sorts, no pun intended. A decade of Synthagen use has revealed that simultaneously raising Growth Hormone levels is an incredibly powerful strategy. There is no better product than legitimate USA GABA for a truly powerful, biologically active increase in your own natural GH.

Gamma GH not only boosts Growth Hormone, it's an excellent way to improve the quality and duration of the most powerful restorative there is - sleep. How? While Synthagen goes to work during the workout/day, Gamma GH has you covered at night. And like the other 2 stacks in this article, we're talking about combining products you can see and feel working.

There's a lot to like about that... :)


Stacking SYNTHAGEN Summary

My recommendation is to utilize one (or a combination) of these stacks during periods of intense training. You put everything you have into your workouts and deserve the best possible results for your hard work. These stacks give you just that, locking in real gains and magnifying your results.



synthagen stacksRob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He has been a contributor to Super Human Radio for over a decade, answering listener questions from around the world. A former competitive powerlifter, Rob has successfully coached people ranging from ages 12 to 75. He is the author of The Blueprint Bulletin, a monthly newsletter giving no holds barred, real information on training, diet, supplements and anti-aging.


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