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Best home workout abdominal exercise

I'm currently restricted to home exercise with no bench and working out my routine, centered around the best dumbell and bodyweight exercises. Quick question- Do you feel the classic crunch, or hanging leg raise is best for developing the abs? I can get one of the door jam hangers locally.

Buy the hanger and get busy! Nothing wrong with the crunch, but one can much more strongly target and isolate the entire abdominal wall with the hanging leg raise. Simple as that. You also avail yourself to multiple chin/pull up options with the hanger. A home based routine as you speak of has produced MANY champions, by the way. Best of luck to you.


My brother is catching up to me...

My brother has been using Adaptogen for a while and has gotten a lot stronger. He is about to catch me, and I've been training many years longer. He gave me half a bottle, and I'm on board. We would like to buy in bulk. What kind of discounts do you have for us?

Thanks for the great feedback. In addition to long standing Twin and 4-Pack deals on Adaptogen N, there is also a big $100 off bulk special, here- Adaptogen N Offers

It's interesting that virtually everyone who tries a single bottle of Adaptogen N always buys multi-packs, thereafter. That's smart, because high demand and limited availability of key organic extracts in our potent herbal supplements means they sometimes sell out before the lab can replenish supplies. Adaptogen N is in stock today, though, so you can buy in bulk, save, and secure extra bottles for your future.


How much caffeine?

I'm trying to find a good pre-workout that doesn't kill me with a whopping dose of caffeine. From what I'm reading about Burn It Up, it might be a good option since it claims to not give jitters and has "natural source, not synthetic caffeine". How much caffeine is in it, per capsule?

Good question. Burn It Up has 50 milligrams of added caffeine, per capsule. And yes, it's natural source and not the harsh chemical stuff. For comparison, a cup of dark roast coffee can easily top 200mg caffeine.

Simple store brand pre-workout supplements rely on a jolt of caffeine to appear potent, but Burn It Up is different. It's a scientifically advanced formula that touts "22 Active factors", layered for a multitude of cumulative benefits. Including, prized herbal extracts like 6 year aged Red Korean Ginseng, 10:1 Maca and 4:1 Yerba Matte. There's no need for a fist full of capsules to feel the pronounced, natural energy and strength kick, sharpened mental focus, fluid electrolyte reserves and thermogenic effect (burning body fat as fuel) - with no crash.

Legions love it, and you will too!



Newsletter Archives

Where can I find the back issues of your newsletter?

You'll find all the ones posted online here-


Training commitment... 

I’m struggling to stay committed to working out. Any advice to help me stay focused and motivated is greatly appreciated!

Set goals. Write them down. You must create a long-term "vision" of exactly what you wish to accomplish. See the goal realized in your mind and work steadfastly towards that goal, bit by bit, with tunnel vision.


When will there be more MASS PRO Synthagen? 

I just wanted to see when you anticipate getting more of the MASS PRO Synthagen X2 in since it is currently sold out. Thank you.

We are hearing another month or more from the lab at this point, for new supplies of Synthagen to arrive. In the meantime, for regulars we strongly recommend Kre-Anabolyn with a legitimate protein powder like MASS PRO Whey.

The Alpha 77 stack is exceptional too (and really priced right, currently), if you have your protein needs covered.

Be sure to subscribe to the email list and watch this blog for the latest Synthagen updates. 


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