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BRONZE ORGANIC: A Shocking Exposé...

With BRONZE ORGANIC being wildly popular and selling out way ahead of schedule this summer, some who didn't stock up in time felt compelled to try a substitute, only to be let down completely.

Take a look at the attached photo sent in to us.

It speaks a thousand words, but you'll never guess what was discovered about these imposter tablets.

They predominantly contain cocoa powder.

Yes, you read that right - COCOA POWDER!


No wonder they don't work at all.


The GREAT NEWS is that a brand new lab fresh batch of REAL BRONZE ORGANIC has just been completed.

It takes 12 weeks to make, and we know it's been a long wait because we use it too!

At present we will have 847 orders shipping out directly for eager fans who took advantage of the Reserve Purchase for guaranteed first shipment. To all you loyalists, we Thank You for your patience while the lab completed their work.

Apart from all the reserve purchases, we will only have approximately 243 bottles remaining from this production run, with another to complete thereafter - hopefully in just a few weeks, but we can not say for sure.

As you know, doing things right takes time.

So, if you've been waiting for BRONZE ORGANIC inventory to arrive, don't wait any longer because there may be another shortage upcoming due to the high demand for this item. Literally, the lab can't make it fast enough as proven by the long summer drought.

If you haven't yet, play it smart and stock up while you can!



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