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Insight: Tom Brady's Diet Plan

Love him, or "hate" him, there is no denying Tom Brady's athletic success.

Would you believe he was selected in the sixth round - that's right, the sixth round - of the draft and promptly relegated to the Patriots bench?

It's true.

Now, some seventeen years later he's about to quarterback his seventh squad this Sunday facing Matt Ryan and The Atlanta Falcons (#FalconsFriday) as the nearly 40 year-old attempts to add another ring to one of the longest and most successful careers ever in the league.

As Brady tells it, his unusual longevity in the sport is largely thanks to his eating habits which centers around maintaining a high alkaline, positive pH and avoiding nightshade, sugar and and other negative impact foods.

A couple years ago he elaborated for Sports Illustrated that his diet plan is about 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic, explaining this helps him, “maintain balance and harmony through my metabolic system.”

Brady’s home chef, Allen Campbell, told last year: "The quarterback eats 80 percent vegetables and whole grains, and 20 percent fish and lean meats, such as certain cuts of steak and duck. He doesn’t touch sugar, white flour or nightshade fruits and vegetables, which include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, potatoes and certain berries. Fat comes from extra virgin olive oil on raw foods, and coconut oil on cooked foods."

Brady also avoids MSG, coffee, fungi (mushrooms, fermented foods), dairy and alcohol except for rare special occasions.

The star says he has to eat this way if he wants to keep playing, telling New York magazine recently: “I don’t believe you could be a 39-year-old quarterback in the NFL and eat cheeseburgers every day. I want to be able to do what I love to do for a long time.”

Coach told us long ago, "junk in equals junk out", and while we can't say the supplements Tom Brady does use, we can note that pH Correct Kre-Alkalyn Creatine (and Kre-Anabolyn) along with Neurotoxin and Nightshade Free Burn It Up do fit perfectly within a high alkaline and nightshade free diet.

Being based around Atlanta, Georgia, we can't help but cheer on our 'Birds this Sunday, but win or lose we must give a tip of the hat to Tom Brady for his hard work leading to an outstanding career that started as a bench warmer, and for being so outspoken about a smart diet plan being a major key to long lasting athletic success.

Whoever you are rooting for, enjoy the big game this Sunday - and try not to stray too far from your smart diet plan!

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