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Optimal use for an Isolated Amino Acid Supplement

I am about to start Gamma GH... it says not to take with protein or other aminos... I workout at night, so if I take Gamma GH before bed does this mean I CAN NOT take MASS PRO protein powder after my workout?


Gamma GH is an amino acid isolate and does need to be taken on an empty stomach to give the desired results.

Optimal use is to allow two hours of no other protein intake before use (1 hour if a carb only meal) and to not consume any other protein for an hour after.

If taken close to other protein foods, the Gamma GH amino isolate will "pool" with the other proteins and not perform as wished.

However, it's also highly advisable to use MASS PRO protein to boost workout results. So, what to do if time crunched, wanting to gain the benefits of both?

The Answer- MASS PRO is significantly faster digested and assimilated than regular protein foods, so the smart way to leverage this fact while also incorporating Gamma GH is to slowly sip a MASS PRO shake during your evening workout and then have your Gamma serving just before bed two hours later. 


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