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Sports Supplements Insider: SYNTHAGEN x2

We recently had the chance to catch up with Coach Rob Regish to talk insights about the great product he was instrumental in helping develop, MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN.

Definitely worth the read for his revelations and outspoken comments!


Q: Coach Regish, thank you for joining us today. We get so many questions about Synthagen and appreciate you taking the time to address many of the most asked inquiries and mysteries surrounding this most popular sports supplement.

A: Happy to be here, and please call me Rob.

Q: OK, Coach Rob, let me start off by asking if you had any idea Synthagen would be such a success?

A: Well, we knew it was a winning formula because it worked so well in athlete trials. There were 17 prototypes and over two years of work, testing and perfecting everything between myself, MASS, the labs, the trial athletes...  So, yes, we knew it was a highly effective supplement, no question.

Now, what we did not know or anticipate was how profound it's impact would be. Very quickly, to a person, users were reporting drug like recovery only a week or two into their first bottle. Feedback came pouring in so fast and was being posted all over message boards online. It took on a life of it's own and the word spread like wildfire on the internet and through word of mouth in gyms.

Q: Wasn't there a hesitance to using some of the feedback, though? I remember something about that going around the MASS offices. The steroid comparisons?

A: Yes, I was hesitant because the "works like steroids" card had been so over-played before. Remember "HMB feels like Deca"? I thought people were tried of hearing it and argued we didn't want Synthagen lumped in with those things.

So, we agreed to not promote the testimonials that made a comparison to steroids, when they first started flooding in.

But, they kept coming, more and more. I mean, unequivocally, hardcore bodybuilding vets were emailing testimonials like, “I've never used anything except Deca and Anadrol that recovered me this fast", things like that.

After they kept piling up, John Drake over at MASS finally said, "Look, we're doing Synthagen a disservice by not posting some of these, because it's not a made up slogan like HMB. It's real testimonials from real people. It's the truth.", so, we finally posted a few!

Q: The feedback we see comes from people of all walks, all ages. We hear from aggressive competitors of course, but also very active regular folks and even retirees who use Synthagen. Health clinics who have purchased the MASS PRO Whey for years are now also giving Synthagen for specific patient protocols. How do you feel about this?

A: It's something to be humbled by, and proud of at the same time. It's wonderful to know so many people benefit from Synthagen. It works for both the young and older athlete... Catching on now with the life extension crowd. I would love to see a trial done with the elderly. Let me copy this over... hang on... Perfect opportunity to pass along the words from Gerald Falzo, who just send this to me after re-ordering Synthagen X2 this morning-  

"I didn’t order one bottle, I ordered a case. I used the last bottle of my original 2 bottle purchase with the intent of proving to myself it doesn’t work that good. I’ve been down the Jersey shore for two weeks training at the gym in Wildwood NJ. I’m getting ready to go home tomorrow. Now I haven’t trained the Deadlift in over two weeks, maybe three. I did them yesterday, probably 6-8 sets leading up to 325, then preforming 5 sets of 325 pound singles. Then I dropped the weight to 225 pounds and performed 4 sets of wide grip deadlifts squeezing the lats and expanding the chest at the top of the movement- sort of a Isometric hold/pose. Now I think you can agree, at 63 years old I should of felt a good soreness that night or the next morning, but I felt nothing to speak of, matter of fact I felt like I didn’t workout hard enough. Mind you, I had a full workout plus the deadlifts session. And remember... my mind-set was for X2 to fizz-out, I didn’t want it to work, so there’s no placebo effect here, it works. I have been taking 5 capsules post workout and 5 with my last meal of the day."

As you know from working the front lines of MASS Customer Service, comments like the above are NOT uncommon, and it's really heartwarming to get them.

Q: Amazing testimonial, what we call "True Testimonials". The flip side is, I guess, a few frauds have popped up trying to play off Synthagen's good name. Your thoughts?

A: Well, the formulation is an exclusive, proprietary matrix no one can easily decode, plus it's protected by non disclosure legal agreements. A well known name in the industry discovered this after attempting to trick our lab into giving them the formula. Not happening! Maybe more than these safeguards, however, like everything from MASS the ingredients are absolutely top shelf. Some are extremely hard to source. So, it would be a mighty expensive proposition for anyone to even try to replicate it - even if they could get the formula. The hacks are not going to fund any of that of course, and someone selling fake Synthagen from a foreign country for $13 a bottle is an obvious fake and fraud and should be reported.

Q: I'll link a Real Synthagen discussion here which gives clarification on the known reliable sources.

OK, so getting into more detail about the formula... as much as you can. One of the most frequent questions we get about Synthagen is; “Which one of the ingredients makes it work so well”. Can you elaborate on that perhaps, and maybe tell us what makes Synthagen X2 different and better?

A: The sum of the parts is much greater than any one ingredient. I can reveal that, when formulating Synthagen each ingredient was exhaustively analyzed and selected to magnify all of the attributes of one centerpiece - Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract, or RCE.

I'll list attributes below, just some of the positive, health promoting benefits of RCE. This is the reason new Synthagen X2 has TWICE the RCE as before.

● Controls cortisol by reducing stressors such as chronic inflammation
● Increases athletic performance by increasing work and lung capacity
● Generates a more favorable oxygen/CO2 exchange under stress
● Increases lean muscle tissue weight and reduces fat
● Combats fatigue/apathy
● Promotes cartilage growth and repair in joints
● Elicits positive nitrogen balance and maintains a greater rate of protein synthesis
● Improves the body's ability to stabilize blood sugar levels
● Stimulates incorporation of glycogen into both liver and muscle
● Repartitions nutrients into muscle and organ tissue yielding better muscle growth and repair
● Possesses potent cholesterol-lowering effects
● Stabilizes phospholipid membranes, positively linked to many health benefits
● Cholesterol lowering/effects on bile secretion imparts excellent benefits to the liver
● Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant properties
● Anti-arrhythmia stabilizing effects
● Positive skin improvements: keratinization, differentiation and fights acne

We did not want to upset the precise, tested best amino acid and other co-factor ratios that were proven to work perfectly in the original MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN, but theorized more RCE could only further improve results. I’m very happy to report we hit paydirt: The new X2 works so well it blows away even the original and that’s really saying something!

Q: Let's talk more about that, the attributes. Can you in a nutshell explain what it is inside the formula that sparks and expands the broad range of benefits?

A: It's all the other formulation factors at work collectively, which in conjunction with the RCE effectively 'green lights' every bodily function conducive to growing muscle, recovering from exercise and keeping ones metabolism burning fat and performing at its physical peak.

Consider the following illustration: Imagine yourself in a race, at the start of a 10 mile long closed course right through town. At the finish line is the winners circle, representing top muscle/lowest bodyfat/highest performance.

At each mile marker is a traffic light that represents certain qualifiers the body has to meet to proceed. For example, if even ONE essential amino acid is not in place when needed (and most intra workout supplements ARE missing one, two, or three ESSENTIAL aminos!), well, that's a big old fat rate limiting RED LIGHT – telling your body to STOP.

Your progress comes to a screeching HALT as the body searches for the vital, missing amino acid(s). Hit just a few rate limiting red lights and you'll be lucky to stumble in to finish the race, never mind getting there in FIRST PLACE.

Here's THE UPSIDE - Imagine what having all green lights can do for you... because SYNTHAGEN effectively turns every single rate limiting red light GREEN!

I'm passionate about this. Personal achievement soars with Synthagen by eliminating GLOBAL rate limitations. Smart team trainers and coaching staff are discovering this as an advantage to turn an also ran team into a team of runaway CHAMPIONS.

It is a fact that no other sports nutrition supplement is targeted to identify and eliminate these roadblocks with absolute precision. Nothing else.

This is the genesis of MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN.

It's 110% unique, original, exclusive, and comes with a strongly worded caution unlike anything else: Synthagen allows you to recover so quickly from training that we must SERIOUSLY warn you to be careful not to overtrain. A few rest days weekly are needed and advised, even if you do feel you can train every day with Synthagen on your side.

Q: I understand you've recently made a bold claim along those lines, on the radio. It's an about face from your early reluctance to compare the effects of Synthagen to anabolic steroids, correct?

A: You would call me out! But, yes, I stated on Super Human Radio that “New Mass Pro Synthagen X2 will allow you to recover as fast, OR FASTER, than anabolic steroids".

Now, when I say this, I’m staking my personal and professional reputation on it. I also know how this product is an absolute game changer in this regard for virtually everyone. From powerlifters to tri-athletes, it helps everyone, and non-athletes too. 100% drug/hormone-free and equally effective for both sexes. No restrictions.

Q: Well said. Coach Regish, our time is about up so let me thank you for joining us today and providing these great insights into the inner workings of new Synthagen X2. Any closing thoughts?

A: My pleasure, and thank you for the opportunity. I have a great passion for helping people improve their athletic performance and Synthagen is at the center of my efforts. I invite everyone to take the Synthagen challenge today, and prepare yourself to be impressed.


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