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Straight Talk: SYNTHAGEN (News, Guest Q&A)

Q&A with Coach Rob Regish



Hi Coach, long time no talk. Since we last spoke I'm down to 213lbs (from 280) and really happy with my progress. I lost a lot of strength though.... until I hit 220. It was at that point that I added Synthagen and BAM, my strength loss halted. Even better, I've started gaining some of that strength back – even as I've dropped 7 more pounds.

My problem: I ran out of Synthagen and it's out of stock. I was even ready to import from Predator Nutrition in the UK, but they're sold out too. How much longer before its back?

The situation with Synthagen is frustrating, I understand. Long story short: Word from the lab is that it'll probably be another 6-8 weeks, and labs are notorious for bad ETA's. Realistically then, I'd put it being back in stock after the new year.

Let me tell you how we got here though, so you understand how and why these shortages occur... MASS truly does everything they can to accurately forecast inventory, but they're up against several things that are out of their control. Things like the following...

1.) Peak strength for Rhaponticum is in August of every year. Harvest it at any other time, and the amount of actives in the plant is something less than optimal.

2.) After harvest, an enormous amount of raw herb is imported by MASS into the US where it takes a long time to make its way here and through customs.

3.) The lab then needs to turn the bulk raw herb into an extract, which can take over another month.

4.) The extract batches are then sent out for 3rd party lab analysis testing and certification. That's another 2-3 weeks, and we're talking about just one of the many ingredients.

5.) Along the way, stuff happens. Like the lab has to wait on the trademark black and white capsules for another 3 weeks. We handled one such situation years ago by running all white caps, and I don't even want to get into that, with some people thinking they got a counterfeit, etc.

6.) At the end of the day, it's usually not until December/January each year before new factory fresh Synthagen arrives from the lab, often after the previous batch has completely sold out.

7.) Finally, there's a whole lot of people who buy a LOT of it. What typically happens is that someone new orders it, they use it and then come back and buy a caseload. And when caseloads of it are flying out the door, next thing you know, you're sold out before the lab can replenish the supply.

MASS has historically done all they can to inform customers of the fact we have to wait on nature, or when stock is getting low. The reality is that like fine wine, Synthagen takes time.


As we await new supplies of Synthagen, for regulars we strongly recommend Kre-Anabolyn with a legitimate protein powder like MASS PRO Whey.

The Alpha 77 stack is exceptional too (and really priced right, currently), if you have your protein needs covered.

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