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By Coach Rob Regish


Recently, I had the opportunity to fully test the all-new Tranquilogen (TQ), and let me say I'm very pleased, even after early trials were so promising.

The new TQ is an innovative formula that really does justice to the products name. It's an exceptional upgrade, with the focus on recovery and revitalization. Importantly, this addresses both physical AND mental aspects, plus the benefits build more and more the longer you use it. In particular, its ability to relieve stress and its effect(s) on the body have been maximized. 

Also, the new TQ is a great bargain right now with 90 caps for the price of 60! This means a bottle can last you a full 9 weeks, assuming a 2 cap/day dose M-F (with weekends off). Even at max dose (4 caps/day), you're getting over a month's supply of the most proven, potent rebuilding nutraceuticals like genuine Red Velvet Bean extract, KSM-66 Ashwaghanda, rare 90% Honokiol extract, Rhodiola Rosea extract, L-Theanine, Gamma GH and more. It's the perfect product; helping to fight the real, detrimental effects of stress.

If you haven't already, give the new Tranquilogen a try. I'm betting that like so many others are saying, myself included, you'll love what it does for you!

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Rob RegishRob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He has been a weekly contributor to Super Human Radio for over a decade, answering listener questions from around the world. A former competitive powerlifter, Rob has successfully coached people ranging from ages 12 to 75. He is the author of The Blueprint Bulletin, a monthly newsletter giving no holds barred, real information on training, diet, supplements and anti-aging.



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