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"The Anabolyn 747 has been awesome! Thank you so much.

I am looking at my Jefit logs and see-

On 10-26-2020, before Anabolyn, my Deadlift (lbs) 225 x 10, 275 x 6 for a 1 RM of 330.

On 01-18-2021, after taking Anabolyn, I did a Sumo Deadlift 1 rep max @ 402!

(video attached, click below to watch)


On 10-29-2020, before Anabolyn, my Bench (lbs) 205 x 4.

On 12-28-2020 after taking Anabolyn, 225 x 7.

On 10-26-2020, before Anabolyn, my Squat (lbs) 275 x 5.

On 12-28-2020, after taking Anabolyn, 315 x 5.

I am soon to be 48, an IT professional, at a body weight of 170lbs. I can wholeheartedly say Anabolyn 747 is amazing and truly works!

If my logs and video aren't proof enough to back up the talk, then I don't know what is.

- Sam Oliver, Orange, CT  (unsolicited testimonial)


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"I just ordered another big batch of your supplements because they are THE GREATEST ON THE PLANET! Trust me, I've tested everything under the sun. You are #1. Your products actually work and move the needle for effective results. I'll buy your supplements until the day I die."

-Luke Howard, Sydney, Australia

"I'm starting my 4th bottle of Adaptogen N... great product!"

-Anthony Miller, Orlando, FL

"As a coach I get asked a lot of questions about supplements. For years I've said Mass Pro Whey is the best on the market. Until recently I didn't have a pre-workout I was 100% behind. Not anymore. Burn it Up's new formula is on point. Amazing energy. The boost in focus and energy is quick, sustained, and NO CRASH afterwards. I have already started suggesting it to clients that need to up their workouts, manage cravings, and get a solid healthy boost."

-Zak Knight, Strength Coach 



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