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Ecdysterone: Eye-Opening World Anti-Doping Agency study results revealed

Have you heard the news about the new World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) funded study proving what we've known for over 25 years while formulating and promoting serious sports nutrition products like Kre-Anabolyn?

That news being, REAL Ecdysterone works.

Here's the scoop - Researchers ran a study involving 46 athletes who trained three times per week for 10 weeks. Some were given Ecdysterone, others a placebo. The results? Those who took Ecdy saw their performance improve three times more than placebo.

That's right, 3x better results.

"We saw drastic increases in maximum performance in the bench press in the group that took Ecdysterone," said Maria Parr, researcher at Freie Universitat Berlin's Institute of Pharmacy. She added they expected to maybe see a small impact, but were surprised to see such a great performance improvement. Parr emphasized that Ecdysterone can be bought legally and used by tested athletes because it isn't on the banned substances list.

Co-author Francesco Botrè, director of the Italian anti-doping agency was quoted as saying, "It's very powerful because it's invisible. It's not on the list". Botrè recommended the status for tested athletes should be changed given the marked performance advantage gained by users verses non users, while admitting they currently do not have any means to test for the natural compound.

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