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Ecdysterone Supplement Muscle Special Reports


By Coach Rob Regish, from The Blueprint Bulletin


Recently, the sports nutrition world was rocked by incredible news: Over the course of 10 weeks, subjects using Ecdysterone added almost 5 pounds of muscle mass, and dramatically improved their 1 rep max on the bench press.

It took almost 30 years, but cutting edge studies have finally caught up to what MASS BodyBuilding has known all along about ecdysterone supplements.



This study was so rock solid, you must read it in its entirety. Just one example: The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) funded it, not some supplement company selling the stuff! The study authors concluded by saying, “Our results strongly suggest the inclusion of ecdysterone in the list of prohibited substances and methods in sports in class S1.2 “other anabolic agents”. Best of all, there were no side effects such as liver stress, lipid issues or disruption of hormone levels. It was ALL upside. Read the full study here-




The best Ecdysterone supplementSince day 1, MASS BodyBuilding has carried the best Ecdysterone – and never wavered. Today, they have three category killers: ADAPTOGEN N, ANABOLYN 747 and MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN.

Let’s look at each, to see which is best for you.



Adaptogen N

This is a testosterone booster par excellence, but also so much more. Each 3 cap nightcap provides real Bulgarian Tribulus, Ultra Suma Extract, patented Longjax brand Tongkat Ali, DHEA and Melatonin. That Ultra Suma BTW is the ONLY 25:1 strength on the market, and contains an excellent source of ecdysterones. If you’re north of 30, could use the test boost and your sleep isn’t what it used to be – Adaptogen N really is for you. The positive changes in libido, workload capacity and recovery are all well documented.


Anabolyn 747

Whereas Adaptogen has a more distinct hormonal slant, Kre-Anabolyn delivers fast gains in size and strength without tapping endocrine function. The Clinically Proven, Biologically Active Ecdysterones in Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract (Turkesterone, 20-Hydroxy-Ecdysterone, Cyasterone and Ponasterone) are paired with patented creatine and just the right amount of naturally sourced L-dopa and 4-hydroxyisoleucine. This is PER PILL the strongest Ecdy product on the market. No matter if you’re a man or woman, if you are into serious performance enhancement, Anaboyn is for you. (Very impressive gym results video)


Mass Pro Synthagen

This is the Rolls Royce of Ecdysterone products IMO, and works like no other. Using the same ultra-high quality Rhaponticum as in Kre-Anabolyn, it features every known Ecdy synergist. Used prior to and after training, it obliterates Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and dramatically improves your recovery from high intensity exercise. It really needs to be experienced to be believed. The effect is so strong, it has to be continually re-enforced the fact that you can still over-train on it. You will feel like training every day, but please – don’t! Not many products work on day 1 like this, but Synthagen is that product.


Ecdysterone Summary

Without question, MASS BodyBuilding is the recognized leader in Ecdysterone supplements and has been for almost 30 years. Put the power of that experience and science on your side to get the RESULTS you deserve.


Ecdysterone ReviewRob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He has been a weekly contributor to Super Human Radio for over a decade, answering listener questions from around the world. A former competitive powerlifter, Rob has successfully coached people ranging from ages 12 to 75. He is the author of The Blueprint Bulletin, a monthly newsletter giving no holds barred, real information on training, diet, supplements and anti-aging.



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