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New Muscle, Fitness, Health Q&A

Muscle, Fitness, Health Q&A

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Recipes for Low Carb High Protein Meals

I'm on a mission to maintain a high protein low carb diet, but it's getting boring eating the same things day after day. I am not creative but know surely there is more to this than the same old plain protein shakes and bun-less burgers, but what? I hate salads too, so that's out. Is there a good high protein foods cookbook specifically for athletes you sell or can recommend to me?

Here's your free "cookbook" with tons of fantastic food ideas and recipes- https://HighProteinLowCarb.Diet

It's a great resource which is updated ongoing with kitchen tested community contributions and includes everything from easy homemade protein bars and high protein pancakes (I could live off these) to even things like high protein low carb cocktails and desserts! I think there is only one salad recipe, lol, so you will love this resource.


Best all around...

Is there a particular supplement I should be using to gain both strength AND lose a few extra pounds? My budget is limited so I can't stack several and want to stick to the one that is best all around.

Easy answer, BURN IT UP.

It brings you so many great benefits that are feel-able and see-able, all at one low price. Plus, it's super potent and doesn't require you to take a fist full of capsules for results. It's got "22 Active factors" in every cap for quick energy and strength, sharpened mental focus, and it's the best thermogenic supplement (fat burning) that's safe and natural.

Get all the details, here-


How will I know? 

How do I make sure I get all the discount codes and sale alerts? I think I've missed out on some.

Easy, just follow MASS BodyBuilding on Social Media and then sign up for our Newsletter/Giveaway/Alerts at ... It's also smart to visit the blog often at for all kinds of insider and exclusive bits!


Advancing from Kre-Alkalyn to Kre-Anabolyn

I've been using your Kre-Alkalyn Supreme for over a year and have gotten great results. My body looks a lot different than it did when I started. I've finally hit a plateau though, and I'm thinking of bumping up to Kre-Anabolyn. I'm a little confused about the differences and advantages. What more can I expect from the kre-Anabolyn as far as size and strength?

First, congratulations on your hard work and success! Kre-Anabolyn is demonstrably a more advanced size and strength product, this is true. Here's the definitive Q&A on it, along with some timely tips on how to accelerate your results to the maximum-


Is it true? 

The before and after photo of the Bronze Organic user almost seems too good to be true. Are you positive he wasn't also using a tanning bed to achieve such a great effect?

It's a completely unretouched photo and was completely unsolicited. And it's true, no other enhancements were undertaken besides the use of Bronze Organic and MASS PRO Synthagen which with his workouts resulted in the very impressive physique transformation. In fact, you'll be happy to know that all of our supplement reviews and testimonials are 100% unsolicited. For those wondering about the striking before and after photo referenced above, you'll find it on this this page page.



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