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SYNTHAGEN with 'elevATP' promotes Strength, Power & Performance!

Energize Gain Strength

From the desk of John Drake, Research Director



Some of you may have noticed an interestingly named ingredient called elevATP® featured in MASS PRO Synthagen.

Let me tell you all about it...

Patented elevATP is an exciting and innovative organic compound from FutureCeuticals that elevates ATP enhancement to a whole new level.

This unique ingredient is a clinically researched combination of "ancient peat" extract and a proprietary "muscle-building juice" extracted from apples.

Yes, apples!

And, being organic it works with your natural energy-producing mechanisms to greatly stimulate ATP production, the energy currency of the body.

It jacks it up 400%, for verified fact.

Power Through The Plateau with elevATP 

  • Proven to improve athletic performance & body composition
  • Promotes power output and training volume increases
  • Helps reduce performance decrements or "overtraining"
  • Supports increased lean muscle mass and strength
  • Slows the aging process


Compared to synthetic adenosine supplements, elevATP is 100% organic and proven to directly and efficiently raise ATP levels by 400% and more. It really is quite remarkable.



The bottom line is that elevATP is incredibly bioavailable and raises peak ATP concentrations much better and far more efficiently than anything else for naturally greater strength, power and increased lean muscle mass.



Beyond the impressive research showing that elevATP raises ATP by 400%, more and more studies are now proving just how powerfully this new ergogenic can directly boost your strength and performance.

In a recent study, 25 healthy, resistance-trained men with a mean age of 28 (+/- 5 years) were recruited and randomly assigned to consume 150 mg/day of elevATP as found in the MASS PRO Synthagen supplement, or a placebo.

To take part in the clinical trial, each participant was required to be capable of lifting 1.5x their body weight in the squat and deadlift, plus 1x or more bodyweight on the bench press.

Please note, the placebo was identical in appearance and also that these guys were serious free weight trainers -- so, no "newbie gains" could explain away any positive results shown from the supplementation.

Additionally, participants were prohibited from using any other supplements with the exception of a multi-vitamin or protein powder, of which they were not allowed to consume within 2 hours before or after their resistance training sessions (certainly not optimal, to say the least).

The subjects followed a resistance training program under the guidance of a certified strength and conditioning specialist 3 days per week for the first 8 weeks of the study, followed by a 2 week "overreaching" phase (weeks 9 & 10) and a 2 week taper phase (weeks 11 & 12). During the 12 week trial, peak power, average power, and average speed were recorded. Measurements were taken at the beginning of the trial, and then repeated at the 4, 8, 10, and 12 week mark. The graph below shows the increases in strength for the group receiving elevATP (TRT) and the placebo (PLC) group.


Not only did elevATP increase total strength, but it also was shown to improve vertical jumping power.

At the conclusion of 12 weeks, researchers found that the 1-repetition-maximum squat and deadlift strength scores increased significantly in the elevATP group compared to the placebo group. Additionally, vertical jump peak velocity and vertical jump peak power increased in the treatment (TRT) group compared to the control (placebo) group!

At the conclusion of the trial, researchers noted,

“This is the first study examining the ergogenic potential of endogenous ATP enhancement with supplementation. The proprietary blend of ancient peat and apple extracts were capable of increasing lower body and total strength as well as lower body power output compared at an equal-volume, visually-identical placebo.”

Additionally, the team of researchers finally observed that elevATP prevented performance decrements (i.e. “overtraining”) that can go along with increased training volume, over-reaching or under-eating/non-recovery.

Very exciting results, and here we see yet again how the winning MASS PRO Synthagen formula never compromises because now each serving includes the clinically validated, full strength dose of Patented elevATP proven to empower you like never before.

Since Synthagen sells out often, I'm keeping four bottles horded just for myself and suggest you do the same.

To Muscle, Fitness and Vibrant health!


John Drake

CEO and Research Director

MASS Body Building Supplements


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